Nintendo has announced an update to their iOS mobile runner, Super Mario Run.

The update includes several changes, such as reducing the number of Toads lost if you lose Toad Rally, setting up future events, and other bug fixes. However, the most notable addition is that of a new Easy Mode, which allows players the freedom to explore courses without the pressure of time limits or death.

The new Easy Mode provides infinite bubbles and no timer. Your coins won’t be saved, since this is just for practicing levels. Seems like the perfect way to find those hidden purple and black coins.

Further to this update, Super Mario Run is currently hosting a Gold Goomba event until 20 February. This event hides golden Goombas within levels, which you’ll notice on the World Tour screen. If you see a golden Goomba, stomp it to receive a stamp. Thirty stamps will fill your stamp card and unlock a unique building for your kingdom. Filling four cards will provide you with a giant gold Goomba statue.

Super Mario Run was released exclusively on iOS on 15 December 2016, and will be available on Android devices this March. According to Nintendo, the game has been downloaded 78 million times, with 4 million of those players paying for the full game.

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