Picross: it’s one of the world’s best puzzle games and it’s free on your Wii.

If you’ve never played this incredibly addictive logic-art game then check out the animated Beginner’s Guide at Wii Picross.com. Picross may look complicated at first glance, but our visual explanation will get you up and playing in no time. From learning the basics to seeing practical playing tips in action, you’ll soon be itching to play it for yourself either on a Nintendo’s fantastic portable version, Picross DS, or right away for free on our site via Wii or PC.

Learning this fast growing puzzle craze has never been easier!


Wii Picross is carefully formatted to suit widescreen TV Wii players, with large, friendly on-screen graphics that facilitate playing from the comfort of your living room with a Wii remote. It’s also fully compatible with PC browsers.

The site is home to nearly 6000 puzzles and is updated 365 days a year. We are devoted to expanding the number of people who enjoy this game, and are always adding features and creating new incentives to learn, play, design and compete with other players.

Today, December 1st, we’re also launching our 2008 Advent Calendar. This offers 25 festive puzzles, each with a choice of Easy and Hard difficulties to give all of our brand new players a special place to practice their newfound skills and get in the spirit of the holidays.

Advent Puzzles: http://www.wiipicross.com/advent.php

Wii Picross wishes all of it’s players, young and old, a happy holidays!