A lot of really cool information about the up and coming Lego Batman!

* Each story is playable from either the Hero or Villain point of view. (For example, in the aforementioned levels, you could also play as Catwoman trying to steal the diamond or as Batman trying to rescue Commissioner Gordon.)

* You’re able to switch characters without being next to each other, unlike in the previous “LEGO Star Wars” games.

* The camera has been adjusted from the “LEGO Star Wars” series to pan back further and further away (but not too far) when the players are separated in two-player mode.

* There will be strictly vehicular levels in the game, although Doyle declined to say what they would be. (The press release states that the Batmobile, Batwing and Batboat will be available.)

* There will be collectibles. While I did see objects that looked like the “mini-kits” from “LEGO Star Wars,” Doyle said those were place-holders. “It will be a similar sort of system [as ‘LEGO Star Wars’]. The collectibles are different; they’re not to collect vehicles, they’re to collect other trophies. We’re going to design them to be more Batman-style.” There will be 10 per level.

* As for the DS version: “It’s not a port, it’s completely done separately. It’s done at Traveller’s Tales by the same team that did the ‘Saga’ DS version, and they’re a really, really good team. It’s kind of the same but different, and there’s a lot of touch screen in there.” He declined to say anything about the PSP version.

* The music I heard in the demo was most definitely Danny Elfman’s compositions from the “Batman” films. While Doyle did confirm I was right, the team is still “finalizing the arrangements.”

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