Pocket Gamer: The Indiana Jones films are more gritty and more humorous than the Star Wars films, so how has that affected the way you’ve approached the game?

Jonathan Smith: We were very aware, going in to this, that Indiana Jones has a different flavour to Star Wars, and we set out carefully to build a new game which used Indy’s unique qualities to its advantage. So, yes, the world of Lego Indiana Jones is more ‘gritty’ than Lego Star Wars. Our environments are more richly detailed; our characters have a much wider range of abilities, and are able to make use of different items, tools and weapons in more realistic ways.

And we’ve found that the final experience is, as we’d hoped, different to Lego Star Wars. It has a distinct personality, while retaining all the gameplay elements which everyone enjoyed so much in those previous games.

In terms of humour: yes, the Indiana Jones movies have more out-and-out comedy in them than Star Wars, but that’s been a perfect fit with our Lego approach. We’ve been able to amplify all the humour in the movies, and add plenty of new Lego moments for people to enjoy.

What do you think is the ‘Legoness’ of Indiana Jones?

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