Welcome back to the Pure Nintendo Podcast. This week’s amiibo update comes to you all the way from Hyrule. Will Jemma be able to continue her new-amiibo-each-week routine? Time will tell!

We change things up this week as Jemma interviews Roger about his recent marathon streaming event. Roger participated in the noble cause that is Extra Life over the weekend, playing games to raise money for kids’ hospitals. We dig into how this works, from the event to streaming in general. Congratulations, Roger, and thanks for the amazing tips!

Next we touch on Bayonetta 3 – how are those sales going in Japan? – before delving into the games we’re playing lately. We’re still working our way through the excellent Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. Jemma has also been testing her farming skills in the life-sim outing Doraemon Story of Seasons. Not her typical genre, we find out her initial thoughts. And who or what exactly is Doraemon, anyway?

Roger has been playing the likes of Fall Guys, even completing a group challenge – nice work! He’s also been getting into the latest Shovel Knight outing, Shovel Knight Dig. This game takes our “Mario of the series” to the place he belongs: underground. Yes, it’s all about digging for treasure, as a knight weilding a shovel is wont to do.

Finally, we touch on the latest Sonic title, with Sonic Frontiers hitting the Switch this week. Is this a game we’ll be playing? Do we think it will do well? Again – time will tell!

Our weekly podcast is where we disuss anything and everything Nintendo-related. If you’re a Koopa Kast fan, don’t worry – we’re still running this specialized podcast series as well. In fact, check out our  latest episode, all about Super Mario Bros.!

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