Welcome to another episode of The Pure Nintendo Podcast! This week’s discussion kicks off with our usual amiibo roundup. The tides have turned as Jemma takes the lead in this friendly competition! Let’s see what Roger can add next week.

Next we delve into the recently released Super Mario Movie trailer. This has been the talk of the Internet lately, and we go through the trailer in detail and talk about our favorite aspects. We also give our thoughts on the controversial voice acting.

Finally, Roger and Jemma discuss the games we’ve been playing this week. Splatoon 3 happened (of course), but we focus our attention on a little game called Dorfromantik, a relaxing puzzle game in which you create your own world of towns and forests. We also talk about platformer C.A.R.L and check in with Jemma on her quest for all 380 green stars in Super Mario 3D World.

Our weekly podcast is where we disuss anything and everything Nintendo-related. If you’re a Koopa Kast fan, don’t worry – we’re still running this specialized podcast series as well. In fact, check out our  recent Nintendo Direct episode!

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Like the tunes on the show? So do we. These are the tracks we used:

Gigakoops – Tunnel of Hate
Rolemusic – If Pigs Could Sing
HoliznaCC0 – Red Skies