Welcome to another episode of The Pure Nintendo Podcast! This week we begin with an update on our amiibo collections. Although we both have new additions to show off – and Jemma has a particularly special one – it seems like Roger has taken the lead in terms of sheer numbers.

It was a big week for Nintendo fans with the streaming of the latest Nintendo Direct. So many games were announced and updated, and we dicsuss our favorite moments by naming the top three titles that we’re excited about. We delve into the latest entries in series like The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Pikmin, while also getting excited about the new titles to hit the Nintendo 64 online collection.

We touch on the latest issue of the Pure Nintendo Magazine, which is out now, and we delve into some of the articles on offer, including Roger’s first-ever cover story. It’s an exciting time to get on board and support the magazine!

We also discuss our continuted time with Splatoon 3 and TMNT: Cowabunga Collection. These are great to play together online, though not without their issues, and we give our thoughts on both.

We end with a brief discussion about the current state of things in the gaming journalism industry. Be sure to support your favorite publications.

Our weekly podcast is where we disuss anything and everything Nintendo-related. If you’re a Koopa Kast fan, don’t worry – we’re still running this specialized podcast series as well. In fact, check out our  recent Nintendo Direct episode!

In the meantime, let us know if you enjoyed our latest show! We’d love to know your thoughts on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, so get in touch or leave a review!

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