Welcome to another episode of the Pure Nintendo Podcast. After a short break, we’re back to bring you the latest from the team, including our usual amiibo update, a look at our latest magazine, and the games we’re playing this week.

It’s that crazy time of year again! This week Roger and Jemma talk about Black Friday – what does the day even mean? And are there any good sales on the Nintendo eShop?

The biggest news from the team this week is the release of our latest issue of Pure Nintendo Magazine. This issue is all about Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, with a cover story co-written by Jemma herself along with her colleague Cody.

This leads the pair into a discussion of the games we’re playing lately. Sadly, neither of us have managed to pick up Pokémon Scarlet/Violet just yet (we’ll revisit that topic next week). Thankfully, another Japanese-themed game has had Jemma enamoured. Yes, it’s a little game about big monsters, something called Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher. And it’s really good.

Roger also delves into his latest gaming review, a quirky little title called Once Upon a Jester. This interesting-sounding game is full of humor and Roger works hard at convincing Jemma it’s worth a play. Spoiler alert: she didn’t take much convincing.

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