Subtle innuendos follow on October 31st.

Square Enix Collective has announced that Little Goody Two Shoes—a new “fairytale anime adventure with a dark twist”—will be released for Nintendo Switch on, appropriately enough, October 31st. Developed by Portugal-based indie team AstralShift, Little Goody Two Shoes is a narrative-focused horror game inspired by PS and PS2 RPGs and ’90s/’00s anime.

There once was Elise , a vibrant and ambitious young lass with a big dream – becoming filthy rich. In spite of this, the stars didn’t seem to have reserved our protagonist much fortune in life. Elise, who came from humble beginnings, had no choice but to spend her days away assisting her fellow neighbours with menial tasks to make a living.

One day, Elise discovers a pair of beautiful shiny red shoes buried in her backyard – what a surprise! Bewitched, Elise embarks on a fearful journey that pulls her closer and closer into the heart of the mysterious Woods!

Will Elise risk it all for the sake of a dream come true, or settle for her humble day-to-day life? The ending of this tale is yours to write…

Players will be guided to one of 10 possible endings based on their choices and actions in the game. Multiple aspects of Elise’s life in the village of Kieferberg will matter in this story.

The Steam page for Little Goody Two Shoes boasts of the following key features:

  • Kieferberg is a small and devout village, which means Elise will need to carefully navigate her relationships with the villagers to avoid arousing suspicion of witchcraft and be left to die in the Woods as punishment.
  • At night, Elise can roam around the Woodlands, a mystical and phantasmagorical realm where enigmas and deadly enemies await as she tries to uncover its secrets.
  • Through a limited day and night cycle, Elise will need to carefully manage her needs if she wants to stay alive to finish her tale.
  • Get struck by Cupid’s arrow and fall in love with the charming bachelorettes of Kieferberg. In this all-female cast of romanceable characters, unlock dreamy date scenes and storylines for each of them.

Little Goody Two Shoes will be available in the Nintendo eShop on October 31, 2023, for $19.99.