Little Inferno is shaping up to be a pretty unique Wii U eShop title.  Who would expect any less from the same people who designed games like World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth!  NintendoLife got to preview a build of this fantastic new game and has been able to gather a Little Inferno details for us to enjoy!  Little Inferno seems to have adapted a gameplay mechanic that a few games have been using more and more frequently.  Little Inferno does not have any defined goal.  Cloudberry Kingdom does something similar and this has the potential of adding a ton of replay value to the game.  In Little Inferno the object of the game is relatively simple.  To progress in Little Inferno you sit in front of your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace and according to NintendoLife the first and only instructions you receive is how to start a fire.

So what better to start a fire with than the instructions you are given?!  The first thing you burn are the instructions that you are given.  After you get your fire going, then you maintain the fire by burning letters that you receive.  You will receive occasional letters from Tomorrow Corporation, your neighbor Sugar Plumps, and the Weather Man.  The letters from the Weather Man keep you updated on “the dire, worsening conditions of the frosty world outside your home.”  You will burn these letters to keep the fire in your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace going and collect the coins that you receive for burning the letters.

Coins that you receive in Little Inferno are used to buy items from catalogs.  These items are used in Little Inferno, you guessed it, to add more fuel to the fire.  You burn these items to keep you warm.  Different combinations of items will produce varying results.  These combinations are hinted at during gameplay but are never really fully explained unless you happen to discover an item combo.  Discovering new combinations allows you access to new catalogs and therefore you can get new items to create even more combos.

At first you will not know much about the game’s story but you will be fed more and more “background narrative” as you play through the game.  NintendoLife reports that there is “an obvious environmental caution embedded in the game’s concept.”  Little Inferno is about as unique as you can get and if you are still not convinced just check out the trailer below.  The trailer is a bit strange but I have to say that it has piqued my interest and hope that it does the same for you!