XSEED Games has just announced that 6 songs from the soundtrack of Little King’s Story have been made available to listen to and/or download for free. XSEED has been receiving lots of fan mail related to the game along with the music and this is their way of saying thank you for supporting the game!

“I challenge anyone to find a more amusing, engrossing, delightful, captivating, or just plain fun game than Little King’s Story on the Wii or any other system” – GameZone

“A fantastically detailed, funny, twisted adventure that will help banish any Wii-related buyers’ remorse” – The Onion (A.V. Club)

“A resounding success” – Nintendo Power

“An intriguing blend of real time strategy, life development and role playing action, Little King’s Story proves itself as a fun-filled and wholly engaging experience for even the most jaded gamer, all wrapped up in a deceptively cute package” – GamePro

Head over to:


Click on the Multimedia tab and look for the MUSIC section in the bottom right area of the page, which gives instructions on how to listen to and/or download the songs that have been made available.

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