Nintendo’s Digital Event at E3 starts at 9 AM PT on June 10.  We will be providing live updates throughout Nintendo’s Digital Event presentation here so please refresh for new updates.  We will also be live tweeting all the announcements on Twitter via our @purenintendo Twitter handle.

Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event Announcements/Live Updates:

– Keep it locked to for more E3 coverage!

– That’s it folks! Now check out Treehouse Live! Thanks for joining us!

– Star Fox Wii U!

– More Smash Bros. Palutena announced as a fighter.

– Splatoon, 2015

– Control territory by splattering the game environment with paint

– Multiplayer online shooter game that looks like a lot of fun!

– New unusual paintball game, Splatoon

– Mario Maker, 2015

– Mario Maker shown off and announced

– Xenoblade Chronicles X, 2015

– X footage

– Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, 2015

– More Kirby Epic Yarn for Wii U

– Hyrule Warriors September 26 release

– Lots of playable characters, Impa, Zelda, Midna

– Hyrule Warriors is two player and not split screen

– Hyrule Warriors Details and footage

– Bayonetta 2 releasing with original Bayonetta & additional Nintendo costumes/skins October 2014

– Bayonetta 2 footage

– Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Omega Ruby trailer

– New Zelda U coming in 2015!

– New Zelda Wii U shown off. More open world feel.

– The Legend of Zelda incoming!

– Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, Holiday 2014, Toad puzzle game

– Yoshi’s Wooly World is the name.

– Yarn Yoshi is two player.

– It looks like Yoshi’s Island in yarn of sorts.

– Yarn Yoshi/Yoshi’s Willy World? is shown off.

– amiibo is being prepared for other games, including Mario Kart 8

– Reggie Fils-Aime shows off NFC and announces ‘amiibo’, Nintendo’s toy platform

– October 3rd Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Holiday 2014 Wii U

– Super Smash Bros. 3DS Gameplay

– Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner Announced

– Masashiro Sakurai talks about Super Smash Bros. Mii Fighter announced!

– Smash Bros. NFC

– Smash Bros. Wii U fight commences between Iwata and Fils-Aime.

– Nintendo execs Fils-Aime and Iwata duke it out. Now we know why Iwata is out sick!

– Action Figure Fils-Amie takes the stage!

– Let’s get started! Nintendo at E3 is a go!

– T minus 5 minutes!

– The Digital Event starts live in 10 minutes! Get excited!