Konami’s E3 Press Conference is just about to start.

3:17pm – Showing trailer for game lineup including Silent Hill Shattered Memories for the Wii
3:19 – Making corporate introductions. And he mentions us, the media. Yeah…
3:20 – talking about 2008 sales as one of biggest in Konami’s history. Mostly because of MGS4
3:21 – Showing teaser from Kojima Productions. And Hideo Kojima is now on stage! He has something special for us he says. He’s going to announce 4 new titles.
3:24 – 1st one: Metal Gear Arcade. Has goggles for the arcade to see games in 3D. Release in Japan this year. Worldwide TBA.
3:26 – 2nd game: trailer showing right now…Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Coming 2010 for PSP :/ Set after MGS3 in the 1970s
3:33 – 3rd title: trailer showing…Metal Gear Solid Rising for PS3/360 and PC. Featuring Raiden as the main character.
3:36 – 4th title: Trailer showing…Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for PS3/360.

3:44 – Kojima is talking about his role developing the new castlevania.
3:48 – Kojima leaves the stage.
3:52 – Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw in the movies, is talking about the game.
3:54 – Mark Bell, Saw Producer, is now on stage talking about the movie and game as well.
3:55 – Saw video game producer showing a trailer for the game. Clues will be all around as the game progresses. Game is not for Wii naturally. I don’t think we’re missing out on much though
3:58 – Now showing a trailer for Karaoke Revolution. It is coming to the Wii/360/PS3.
4:02 – Showing a trailer for Dance Dance Revolution and new songs for DDR.
4:06 – Demoing DDR Wii with the Balance Board and Wiimote/nunchuk. It’s pretty…..interesting.
4:09 – Sorry…just fell asleep.. ;)
4:10 – No more DDR. Thank goodness.
4:12 – Now showing trailer for WireWay for the DS. Game uses the touch screen and flick with the stylus to launch Wiley into the air to get through each level. Boss fight include giant penguins, birds, and dinosaurs.
4:15 – Versus mode can be used to race in the game and can manipulate each others’ wires as well. 48 quest levels. 32 other levels. And 10 versus levels.
4:16 – now showing trailer for Deca Sports 2. Featuring online play for the Wii and 10 new sports.
4:18 – Showing trailer for Silent Hill Shattered Memories. It looks pretty good graphically and very scary gameplay. Looks incredibly scary. I played the demo and almost peed my pants!
4:30 – lost Internet. But back up now. The producer for Silent Hill Wii talked about the scare factors in SH. I’ll agree that the game is freakishly scary!
4:32 – Marketing guy back on stage and showed that DDR is also coming to the PS3. :/
4:33 – Show is over an it was pretty underwhelming as far as Nintendo is concerned.