The London MCM Expo is looking for gamers to help set a new Guinness World Record for the Largest Handheld Game Console Party, which is currently held by Australia.

All people have to do is attend the show and bring their Nintendo DS (or DS Lite) and a game on 29 May, when the record attempt will be made at noon in the MCM Expo Theatre.

There are no forms to fill on the day, just be there and help make the attempt a success… and as an added incentive, the Expo organisers will be giving out some fabulous random goodies! To find out more and to let us know you will be part of this fantastic world record attempt, please visit

The London MCM Expo already holds one Guinness World Record, having clinched the title of The Largest Gathering of People in Costumes From a Video Game, and it’d be great if we can get gamers out in force on 29 May!