GC: Could you tell us something about Frontier Developments? How many people work there, what games were developed, what games are going to be released?

DB: We are about 160 people currently, and we are recruiting more.  After I did my early games on my own or with a small number of collaborators, I formed Frontier in 1994 to build a team to tackle projects for the machines of the day that were so powerful that they required more effort than just one or two people could provide.  Over the years we’ve  grown such that we do multiple simultaneous projects, and have done a variety of innovative, successful games such as Dog’s Life, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Wallace and Gromit and Thrillville (the biggest selling original kids game in North America in 2006).  We’re currently working on a game for the new WiiWare service, LostWinds, The Outsider and a couple of other projects that are not  yet announced,

GC: Now over to LostWinds. Since when is the game in development and how many people work on it?

DB: The game design was started along time ago – when we saw the controller for what would become the Wii.  We have internal discussions about game design and the idea for LostWinds proved to be very popular within the company.  Then when Nintendo talked to us in 2007 about their plans for WiiWare, we told them about LostWinds and how it seemed like a perfect fit – a high-quality game designed specifically around the Wii controller.

Development started towards the end of last year, and the team is currently around 15 or so people.

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