The story in Lost Winds is pretty straightforward but it gets the job done. You play as Toku, a young boy who is watched over by an old man named Deo. Deo is the embodiment of a spirit which helped to seal the evil Balasar in a spirit stone many years ago. Early in the game Toku meets the wind spirit Enril, who sacrificed himself by dealing a weakening blow to Balasar as the others sealed him into the stone, this trapped Enril with the evil spirit, until many years later Balasar escapes and Enril must find help in bringing him back down. Enril enables Toku to use the power of the wind in order to progress through the game. The two heroes will spend their time finding lost powers of the wind, which could be the games name sake, as well as finding the memories of old Deo who hid them away so he could blend in with the regular villagers.  It’s all very simple but it definitely works.

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