N’Gai: David, what is your WiiWare project?

David Braben, Frontier Developments: It’s a game called LostWinds and it’s about the idea of a wind spirit that has been hidden away by a nasty guy called Balasar. But essentially looking at it as a game, it really allows us to do new things on the Wii. We now have Wii in the marketplace for a year and as a developer it takes a while to come to grips with a new system like the Wii; the wonderful combination of the remote and the nunchuck. It’s an opportunity for us to do great things with the game.

Be sure to read the full interview to find out all the info on LostWinds.  It looks pretty good and they are shooting for a launch day release (May 12) for the game, but they couldn’t confirm it would meet the date.