Chainsaw Fuel: Swinging motions are pretty self-explanatory, with a backfist and uppercut, and two types of chainsaw swings if B is being held down. As a quick note on the chainsaw though, it’s got limited juice with a five second recharge (that can be broken at any time to use what energy has been regained in the first few seconds), so you can’t run around with the killing machine always-active and expect it to be ready at the tip of a hat.

Attack Modifiers: When attacking with A, be sure to mind the analog stick as you fight. Holding a direction will throw a heavier straight fist and end your combo, but when used in conjunction with regular A tapping it can be a perfect ending to a devastating combo, sending enemies into rose bushes, trash cans, or grounded spikes.

MadWorld is fairly easy to play once you get used to holding A when picking up objects or grabbing enemies.  From there, all you need is a crazy imagination.

Check out IGN’s feature for more control tips