• 1UP (A-): “The design constraints of Nintendo’s system forced the developers at Platinum Games to be creative, and they followed through on their creativity by putting together a thoroughly enjoyable brawler with just the right amount of the ultra-violence.”
  • GamePro (90/100): “Dark, brutal and hilarious in just the right way, MadWorld is a title that has rocketed to the top of every staff member’s must buy list. Don’t let the fact that it’s on a “kiddie console” fool you-this is one title every “hardcore” gamer needs to play, provided you’re over eighteen years old, of course.”
  • GameTrailers (85/100): “One of the most eye-catching games to come along in a while, MadWorld is stylish, bloody, and a great fit for the Wii’s controls. Though there’s a surprising amount of incentive to replay it, it’s barely seven hours long, so if you aren’t persuaded by the novelty of extreme violence buy with caution.”
  • Eurogamer (70/100): “No matter how much the schoolboy-humour commentary grates, no matter how repetitive the bits in between the set-pieces start to feel and no matter how frustrating the later levels become, MadWorld provides a rush of blood to the head almost as often as it provides a rush of blood to the pavement.”