– With the new platform of the Softmax console game (family video game) business division posing a challenge, the company is set to enter the market through the localized release of a title for Nintendo DS.

– 2 types of Nintendo DS titles released in Korea this year (“Monster Farm DS,” “Hi! Hamtaro DS”)

Softmax (CEO: Jeong Yeong-won; www.softmax.co.kr) is making inroads into the game development business for Nintendo DS.

As a representative video game developer of Korea, Softmax is currently engaged in development projects on various platforms (online, console, mobile); it has developed major titles such as “Magna Carta: Tears of Blood” (PS2 & PSP; 2004, 2006 release) and “Magna Carta 2” (Xbox 360, under development). Softmax announced that it would develop a game that can be enjoyed by a broader audience as well as various social classes by entering the Nintendo platform this time.

Since it engages in the business for Nintendo DS, Softmax is set to release 2 titles for Nintendo DS (“Monster Farm DS”, “Hi! Hamtaro DS”) in Korea this year. It is also planning to develop an edutainment contents title and an original game title later using representative characters at home and abroad.

Starting with the Korean release of 2 Japanese titles in 2008 as mentioned earlier, Softmax intends to operate the Nintendo DS business for the domestic as well as overseas markets through various styles of games targeting a broad range of users such as titles using popular Korean characters or contents and original orthodox RPG.

Even the development platform is not limited to a certain device like Nintendo Ds. Business on other platforms is currently under review.
“When we look at the game contents business strategy that Softmax had carried out until now, ‘family/children-oriented contents development’ can serve as a new challenge to Softmax. In the Nintendo platform in particular, which has various ranges of users, this will serve as an opportunity for Softmax to take a step further in developing global contents as its mid to long-term business strategy,” Softmax CTO Jo Yeong-gi said.