DISON, N.J., September 24, 2009 – Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL) today announced ‘Blob Month’ in anticipation of the triumphant return of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game – a boy and his blob for Wii™. After patiently waiting two decades for a new iteration of a boy and his blob, ‘Blob Month’ provides eager fans a first glimpse at screenshots, video and art each week leading up to the release date. Kicking-off the month is the release of concept art, offering a look at the breathtaking hand-drawn style that will be the face of the heartwarming and challenging puzzle platformer.A true reimagining of the classic a boy and his blob, game developer WayForward designed the game specifically for the Wii™. Focusing on keeping the soul and feel of the original while adding its own vision to enhance the players’ experience, WayForward stays true to the original story about the blob who calls on a little boy to help rescue Blobolonia from the evil Emperor. Success in the game is reliant on teamwork between the boy and his blob, as the boy utilizes jellybeans that cause the blob to transform into cool and useful items that enable them to escape dangers. The new Wii™ version combines classic transformations – such as the Licorice Ladder, Apple Jack and Tangerine Trampoline – with all-new ones that will give the two the ability to make their way through 40 levels of puzzle solving.