• Nancy Drew and the Deadly Secret of Olde World Park: The world’s most recognizable teen sleuth makes her handheld debut in this interactive mystery from Gorilla Games.
  • Zoo Hospital: Step into the role of veterinary intern at a world-famous zoo and help diagnose and treat a wide variety of exotic animals from adorable chimps to deadly komodo dragons.
  • Holly Hobbie & Friends: Featuring the girl with heart, Holly Hobbie, and her best friends Carrie and Amy, Holly Hobbie & Friends lets players enjoy themed mini-games that include: cooking, biking, dancing, designing posters, dressing up and more.
  • Turn It Around: Players must master the Touch Screen turn wheel in 24 arcade-style games including Elevator Action and Packed Train.
  • Operation: Vietnam: Developed by Coyote Console, Operation: Vietnam drops players into the war-torn jungles of Vietnam as they try to escape enemy territory with their squad of four soldiers.
  • The Wild West: This action shooter incorporates both 2D and 3D levels in Touch Screen shoot outs on the untamed frontier.


  • Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy: A side-scrolling shooter that lets players build their own game by creating custom levels, ships and enemy ships. This “sticky” geometric shooter also lets players absorb the pieces and weapons of destroyed enemy ships to bolster their own defenses during battle and transform into boss-sized ships.
  • Furu Furu Park: a collection of 30 stylized arcade games that take advantage of the Wii Remote’s range of motion to entertain players of all skill levels and ages. Included amongst them are classics like Arkanoid and Bubble Bobble, along with quirky new offerings like Super Karate, Sonic Blastman 20XX and Safe Cracker.