• Bag, glass shard, ‘heavy handgun’, nightstick and double barrel shotgun return. One bag execution has Daniel standing behind an orderly punching him in the face while the orderly is on his knees. There is also what appears to be a smaller hammer in one image, although I can’t confirm that.

• Biro, sledge hammer and spiked bat join the party.

• There is a brother level named ‘the Honey Pot’, a woman named Judy is here – the brother is a ‘front’ for recruiting for ‘The Project’.

• Environmental kills are noted by white x on the h.u.d. The radar returns.

• There are telephone and toilet environmental executions.

• There is now a weapons inventory which now pauses game. No idea if this means you can carry more than 1 item from each grouping.

• Free aim shooting – the magazine notes shooting as being easier due to free aim shooting, but this was also present in the original game. It is presumably enhanced.

• Rockstar North is doing the audio for the game, which means the return of Craig Conner and Allan Walker.

• Hinted at that the USB headset will return – Just my assumption, not confirmed!

• Level design and (most) game mechanics are very similar to the first game. No free roaming (GTA).

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Source: gonintendo