I remember hearing this guy tell his story earlier this year on neogaf, and I hoped he would stick to it, and it looks like he will. Check out his interview below.

So, the big question: What prompted this?

In 2007, the year before I gave games up, my life got pretty busy. I was working two jobs, I wrote and performed in a one man show (about gaming, believe it or not) and I started falling behind on my games. And while I was sad to be playing less, I was happy with what I was accomplishing.

Then one night while I was lying in bed, I took a mental inventory of the year and I realized I was barely gaming at all, just a few hours a week. And at that moment, I basically dared myself to just stop playing altogether and see how much further I could push myself. A few days later I mentioned the idea to some friends and after I got a few looks of shock and awe, it was set it stone. Since no one wants to give up gaming in November, I decided I’d give myself the rest of the year, and start it on my 29th birthday, in January, which I also found appropriate since it was my last year as a “young adult.” One last shot at not “wasting my 20’s,” as it were.

How heavy of a gamer were you before you tried it?

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