I went out yesterday to help a friend find a Wii system.  We finally found one at Circuit City and I thought I would pick up Mario Party 8 while I was there.  After all, the game was only $40 at CC :)  I played till the wii hours of the night and it was a blast to play.

I only played a 10 turn game with a friend and 2 computers, but I got a pretty good idea of what all the game offers.  There are TONS of minigames to choose from.  We only played 10 of maybe 150.  The games span different categories like in the past series, but with all new Wii controls.

I have heard very mixed reviews for MP8, but the game is pretty solid as far as a Mario Party game goes.  The minigames were fun, which is the most important component.  If you can get a few people together, this game is a great party game!

If you have Mario Party 8, or want to discuss it some more—check out the forum topic.