May 29, 2007

Nintendo is bringing the carnival to town, and this time the party is going to get players up and moving. Mario Party® 8 is the first Mario Party game for Wii™ from Nintendo, and the first in the series to incorporate motion controls.

In this carnival-themed excursion, players might use the Wii Remote™ to punch the air to chip away at a statue, point it at the screen to shoot at targets or balance it like a tightrope walker’s pole. The amazing functions of the Wii Remote add a new level of hilarious competition. This new Mario Party installment includes new boards, characters, moves and minigames.

Since the original Mario Party debuted in 1999 on Nintendo® 64, the franchise has been a perpetual fan favorite, selling nearly 6.5 million in the United States alone. It’s the video game version of a board game, where each player takes a turn moving spaces. Then everyone competes in a fast-paced minigame at the end of the round. Its controls are fun and easy enough that every member of the family can join in. Mario Party 8 lets players get into the action like never before, and is a great follow-up for gamers and families who had fun competing in Wii Sports™.

Mario Party 8, Rated E for Everyone, launches May 29. For more information about Mario Party 8, please visit www.MarioParty.com.