The wild multiplayer action of the Nintendo GameCube™ hit, Mario Power Tennis™, returns with added Wii controls and widescreen presentation.

* With Wii controls, players simply swing the Wii Remote™ controller to hit forehands and backhands and to apply spin. The motion controls open this classic game to new gamers and offers experienced gamers the option to attach a Nunchuk™ controller for additional precision.

* Players can play as familiar characters from the Mario™ universe. Every character has a defensive and offensive Power Shot that can send opponents reeling or return out-of-reach balls.

* Players can be as crazy as they like. Play traditional tournaments, or hit the Gimmick Courts for wild matches not possible in the real world.

* This game was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube system. The ability to use Wii controllers has been added to this version.

Game storyline: The stars of the Mushroom Kingdom are gathering for a tennis tournament, and the competition is going to be fierce. Using New Play Control!, players actually become their Mushroom Kingdom heroes on the tennis courts. Every lob and smash a player makes is translated into motions by their characters on the court.

How to progress through the game: Play multiplayer games with friends or progress through tougher and tougher tournaments in singles and doubles play. As players win tournaments, clear minigames or challenge Gimmick Courts, they unlock new characters, courts and challenges.

Characters: Mario, Luigi™, Wario™, Waluigi™, Donkey Kong™, Bowser™, Bowser Jr., Peach™, Daisy™, Yoshi™, Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa and other Mushroom Kingdom characters.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: With simple swing movements, players can hit topspin, backspin and smashes, and by charging up, they can hit with varying degrees of power or perform other character-specific moves that make even crazier things happen on the court.

Nintendo Press