Also playable were the four events on show here:-

Equestrian – Set in Greenwich Park. You have to hold the Remote and its side and move up and down as if they were reins to speed up. You’ll need to slow down and angle your Remote to steer around corners before galloping up to a fence and leaping over it.

Canoeing – Set in Eton Dorney. A circle appears on screen and you have to hold the Remote in a vertical position and make a paddle motion just as the Circle disappears. Repeat this action to get to the finish line.

Dream Long Jump – The Dream events are set in Mario and Sonic’s worlds and are loosely based on real Olympic events Dream Long Jump in set on Yoshi’s Story and the aim is to keep jumping forwards and survive longer than your opponents. You can bounce on clouds but you’ll have to watch out for obstacles such as balloons and Bullet Bills.

Dream Discus – This one is set in the world of Sonic Adventure. You jump on a giant discus and the aim is to get as many rings as possible while staying the the lead. At the end you have to land on a target.

Badminton – There are no screens of this event. It’s a bit like Wii Sports tennis. You player moves automatically and you just need to waft your Wii Remote as if it were a racquet to hit the shuttlecock.

As for other events, there are 10 events that were in the previous game including the 100m. We understand that they have been improved but we don’t know how as yet. Sega is also planning a Party mode.

There are 20 characters to choose from and each belongs to a different skill type.

Power Type
Wario, Knuckles, Bowser, Vector, Donkey Kong

All around
Luigi, Amy Rose, Mario, Blaze The Cat, Bowser Jr

Shadow The Hedgehog, Daisy, Sonic, Yoshi, Metal Sonic

Tails, Peach, Eggman, Waluigi, Silver The Hedgehog

-No Motion Plus and online support.