Matt has posted on his blog five more notes about Brawl:

1. You can’t transfer save files. Game won’t let you copy save file data to an SD card. Therefore, if you’ve got any grand plans of rockin’ through the title, amassing all the characters and then hooking your friends up, think again.

2. I’m pretty sure so far that online play is region locked despite Nintendo’s original promises. I haven’t connected with anybody from Japan and, in fact, have only played against U.S. residents.

3. All of our play tests with the import version of Brawl featured very smooth-running online play against friends between SF and LA. However, Boz and I have been trying online play with the American build and it’s been pretty laggy so far. Not sure what that’s all about. Hopefully the situation improves by the time the game officially releases.

4. Text communication during online matches with friends doesn’t appear to have been censored. I tested this online with the dirtiest, raunchiest words I could think of and was surprised to see that they found Bozon on the other end of the connection, no problem.

5. This game is fun.