Minnesota’s own Mayo Clinic recently did a study on the correlation between fight obesity and playing games that have you move. KIII TV is reporting that the research found more calories were burned by playing dance games (DDR) than running on a treadmill. Other games also tested well like virtual interaction games (EyeToy).

“We know if kids play video games that require movement, they burn more energy than they would while sitting and playing traditional screen games. That’s pretty obvious even without our data,” says Lorraine Lanningham-Foster, Ph.D., Mayo obesity researcher and study leader. “The point is that children, very focused on screen games, can be made healthier if activity is a required part of the game.”

Even though the scope of the project was small, featuring 25 children, the results we’re clear. Good news for the gaming industry. Having a study done by the Mayo Clinic with positive results goes a long way considering it’s one of the most respected research hospitals on the planet. The news is especially good for companies like Nintendo and Konami who have put a lot of time and money into these types of games.

This is pretty interesting, but I think I would stick to my running and biking. It is a lot more fun to me.