Mega Man returns for the 3DS, in a collection that spans the first six titles that were originally released for the NES.  Aside from recreating the classics, Mega Man Legacy Collection will also feature remixed levels for an extra bit of challenge.  For the hardcore Mega Man fans, the Legacy Collection has a collection of artwork and history of the Mega Man franchise in “Museum Mode”.

For Nintendo fans, the Legacy Collection will have three editions:

Players can purchase the digital only version for $14.99.  The Standard Edition, which includes 2 3DS Mega Man Themes, four stickers, and 18 songs from Mega Man 1-6.  This edition will cost $29.99.  The Collector’s edition is slightly more pricey, at $49.99.  This version will contain all of the perks of the standard edition, but with six postcards and a gold Mega Man amiibo.

Mega Man Legacy Collection will release on the Nintendo 3DS on February 23, 2016.