Every video game character out there needs love. Mario has Peach. Link has Zelda. Kirby has food. But what about Samus? Even this cold bounty hunter needs some love to get through the toughest of missions. With that my readers, I present to you this. Metroid: Fight For Love. With lyrics written by Brent “Brentalfloss” Black, known for his video game music videos, created this heart touching story that shows a different side of our favorite bounty hunter. Whats truly amazing about this video, other than the epic rock opera music style, is the animation. Which, fun fact, was animated by one man, Oscar Diaz. It took three years to make, but three years full of hard work and dedication yielded something beautiful for all of us to enjoy. So without further ado, kick back and prepare to be blown away by Metroid: Fight For Love.

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