The latest issue of Play Magazine has some details on Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, which the magazine got to demo last month.

CAUTION: Some Spoilers!!

  • First level – You are attacked on a spaceship while meeting with the ship’s captain…action packed
  • Play feels motion controls work better than dual joystick
  • Super sensitive pointer in “advanced” mode
  • Beam stacking ala Super Metroid
  • Visor switch: Hold minus and flick Wiimote in certain directions
  • Boss fight with Ridley at the end of the first level. Excellent difficulty curve by the time you reach the boss.
  • Back tracking in MP3:C makes more sense than in previous Primes
  • Extra development time was to give the game more polish. Nintendo wanted “Twilight Princess” levels of polish.
  • Game is focused on Metroid fans and hardcore gamers, but still accessible to newcomers due to controls.
  • Second level – floating city focused on exploration
  • Larger environments, bloom lighting, better textures than Prime 2
  • Corruption Mode not available in demo
  • Play says it could be the biggest revolution in FPS gaming since Halo.