“Nintendo and Microsoft have different target audiences and pretty different aspirations. If you think about Nintendo, their audience will tend to be quite a bit younger than our audiences. They will skew on more games that are more casual. They buy fewer games per console. Their ecosystem around the console is very Nintendo-focused. If you look at the top 20 games on the Wii, almost all of them are from Nintendo. It’s a very different approach. They’re not trying to be a digital entertainment platform. They’re not trying to do movie video downloads. They don’t have the same type of Xbox Live service we have. Because (the Nintendo Wii) is at a lower price point and reaches a little bit more casual audience, they will do better on units proportionally than we will over time. (But) business is in very good shape. We said 12 months ago that Xbox would make money this fiscal year and we are on a path to do that. That’s a big milestone for us.” – Robbie Bach, President, Microsoft’s entertainment and devices