The Escher Strikes Back.

Wow, where to begin? This game will mess with your eyes and your brain!

So I’ll start by saying that Back to Bed is a beautiful game, while also a super trippy one, with M.C. Escher-like maps and visuals. Nice bright colors and well-designed characters make this pleasing to the eyes … if yours don’t cross first trying to figure out whether it’s depth or height you’re trying to navigate.

The sound effects are great as well. They mess with your ears, as sometimes you’ll be trying to decipher what’s said. The sound makes the Back to Bed experience very immersive.

Next, the mechanics. The designer has created challenges with the controls, and not in a bad way. Main character Bob can only turn clockwise, making the player have to think fast as to where and how to place objects to get Bob to go in the right direction.

Other natural and unnatural obstacles can wake or break sleepwalking Bob! From ringing alarm clocks, to flat fish bridges, this puzzle game will keep you occupied for hours and make your eyes cross and melt!

All in all, I had a blast playing Back to Bed. The only reason I haven’t gone higher than an 8 out of 10 is I wish it had a map editor so players could upload their maps for online challenges.