Hacky Zack is a platforming game where players try to kick a ball over platforms and other obstacles to complete the level. It is brought to us by publisher Digerati. Is this unique platforming game worth your time?

Hacky Zack does not offer a story mode but it does offer goal mode as well as target mode in one to two player settings, each with their own distinct set of rules.

In Target mode, one or two players try to clear all the targets by kicking the ball into them as quickly as possible. Players will be scored on a rating scale of 1 to 3 stars of how quickly they manage to clear all of the targets.

In Goal mode, players have to kick the ball into the yellow goal. It is much easier said than done. In one player mode it can be rather challenging to get the ball across different parts of the stage. Trying to avoid things as well as activate switches can be difficult. Switches must be hit with the ball to be activated and simply jumping into them won’t activate the switch. If a player or the ball falls off of the screen or into a trap, the level resets. If players are really good they can collect a sticker.

Goal mode is also available in co-op mode. Here players work together while still trying to get the ball into the goal. However, the game will keep going if only one player falls off the stage or into a trap. The stage will only reset if both players or the ball fall off the stage or into a trap.

The game was fun overall but playing in single player mode was rather difficult. Luckily there was co-op mode which made the game a lot more fun to play and a challenge to try to strategize different techniques with your teammate.

Players can also attempt to collect stickers along the way. Collecting stickers unlocks additional playable levels as well as playable characters. There’s also an optional time challenge mode.

Hacky Zack is fun and interesting. It is best played in two player co-op mode. It makes the challenges a little less challenging and offers a fun time while doing it. Players looking for a great co-op game to play on their Switch won’t be disappointed with Hacky Zack.