I’m a couple days late but I finally completed mission in snowdriftland (www.mission-in-snowdriftland.com). It was a fun little platformer done in flash that even ran well on my mac in safari. Nothing about it was too difficult, especially for those of us that grew up playing super mario bros. ;) The last few levels were a bit more complicated but it was no match for precise timing and well aimed jumps. There were many things to find in the levels as you progess and a nice little treat if you can manage to get all 576 snowflakes! Several extra hearts were hidden throughout many of the levels. If your looking for some time to kill while siblings and/or other family are occupying your Wii (this describes my entire christmas) i suggest you step up to the plate and give it a shot and let us know how you did!

Happy Holidays and I hope you all got the games that were on your lists!

EDIT: As of January 20, 2007, mission-in-snowdriftland.com is no longer hosting the game. It does say that they “hope to see us soon”. So maybe they’re going to develop some more flash-based games with Nintendo.