Mistwalker, developer of The Last Story for the Wii, has posted new concept art on their website and Facebook page.  This new artwork has a similar color scheme and styling as The Last Story and could be teasing a sequel to the popular action RPG that was released last year.  Upon closer examination, the image is labeled ‘Lost World’ in the corner, so it is also possible that this image is related to a Lost Odyssey sequel, which is another RPG developed by Mistwalker, but the art shown here more closely resembles The Last Story.  Hopefully we will hear more from Mistwalker soon so we can find out more about this mysterious image and what the company is teasing.  Let us know what you think the new Mistwalker image could be teasing in the comment section below!  What do you hope the new Mistwalker project is?  Do you think the image is teasing a sequel to The Last Story?