BIZ: What is your response to people who love, say, Super Mario Galaxy, but who are not so interested in things like Wii Music?

SM: My attitude is that obviously for 30 years now I’ve been making games and for the vast majority of time I’ve been making the type of games that the loyal Nintendo fans enjoy. Those are the types of games that my career is based on and we’re going to continue to make those types of games. In fact, we have many of those types of games in development right now.

BIZ: Would you like to be able to make more games for the broadening Wii casual gaming audience, or do you think your time is better spent on other projects?

SM: I think it’s very important for us to not only take the types of games that we’ve seen in the past and continue to polish them and make them more immersive and more extravagant, but we must also look at ways to make video games accessible to more people. Like any traditional craft, the more and more you refine those classic styles of games, the harder and harder it is for more people to enjoy them. For me what’s important is not only do we have to come up with new ideas for games that we have seen over the years, we need new game experiences like Wii Music and Wii Fit that will reach out to a broader audience.

Nintendo has already stated that they are hard at work on the next Zelda game. I wonder what else they are doing?

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