This is taken from Iwata ask interview posted yesterday.

Iwata: By the way, why did you decide to include golf in Wii Sports Resort?

Shimamura: Well, after Miyamoto-san got back from E3 in 2008…

Miyamoto: Really? Is that right?

All: (laughter)

Shimamura: Right after getting back to Japan, he suddenly said: “You know we’re including golf now.” Apparently he’d stated in an interview that this time round golf shots would be determined by the backswing, even though at that time a golf game didn’t exist in any shape or form! (laughs)

Iwata: It’s a trick he often uses! (laughs)

Miyamoto: That’s right. I block off the escape route.

Iwata: I’m not quite as bad as Miyamoto-san, but I have been known to use the same trick on occasion.