The Wii attracts non-gamers, but what about hardcore gamers? What are your thoughts for the future of hardcore gaming on the Wii?Well, right now I still look at the Wii’s sensor bar and the “pointing” technology we’ve developed as something that I think is going to end up being very effective for the types of games that the hardcore gamers like to play. There are also other enhancements to the Wii interface and developments being planned that are going to really make games for hardcore players a lot more fun and interesting.

Many third-party developers are porting existing gameplay to the Wii Remote. What will it take to get them to embrace different types of games?

At Nintendo we really look for the right theme or the right subject or the right content that really matches the Wii’s unique interface to really bring that to the mass market in a way that is new and interesting for them. A very important thing to keep in mind when developing games is to find that new, unique idea that really takes advantage of the interface that we have introduced.

It also seems that Japanese game developers are embracing this idea of coming up with different ideas [for the Wii]. Is this evidence that Japanese developers are more open-minded or are Western developers somehow more business-oriented?

The impression that I get is that there may be perhaps more developers in Japan where the actual development staff is making the decisions about the products that they are releasing, whereas it may be that in America that there are more companies where the sales side has a bigger say in which products are being released. I wouldn’t say that is an across-the-board stereotype; it’s just an impression I get about some of the companies that we have seen.

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Source: Gamepro