Shigeru Miyamoto recently spoke with about Zelda Phantom Hourglass.  He talks about the game’s controls and some of the story elements.  Here’s a snippet of the interview:

There were also several ideas revolving around the concept of “writing” with the stylus. For example, when you throw the boomerang, you write the path you want it to follow. In the single player mode, there’s an enemy that will follow you, the phantom. However, in the multiplayer mode, you can control three of them to hunt down Link (this time controled by one of your friends), just like if you were playing tag. We thought of using the microphone to control them, but it would’ve been tough to implement that (laughs). Using the stylus to control them smoothly gives you the feeling of carrying on a strategic battle. That’s how this new Zelda feels like.

Then there’s the function of writing notes. We wanted to use all of its potential. Usually you need a notepad to take notes when playing a Zelda game, but this time you can write whatever you want directly on the DS.

Full Translated Interview

Original Japanese Interview w/ videos