“…I mean, we’re a very big country. Traveling to see friends just to play a game head-to-head, where both people have to have their own hardware, is not something I think that has lent itself to broad appeal. The fact that Tri will have both split-screen and online play, I think will allow for some interesting dynamics in terms of community generation that we previously haven’t been.

The other part of this is a massive marketing push, the likes of which I’m not sure anyone has seen on a Wii title from a third party, that we’ll be seeing across the West when it ships. So, big marketing push. Online play.

The other part of this is Monster Hunter, as a series, is a hard series to learn. It is unforgiving and very, very complex to learn. Very complex systems. Tri is a little bit easier to get into. There’s a much gentler learning curve in Tri than there’s ever been in any of the other Monster Hunters. That’s not to say it’s dumbed down, but it’s much more accessible.” – Christian Svensson, VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development at Capcom U.S.

In my opinion Monster Hunter 3 may be one of the biggest 3rd party titles to come to the Wii and it deserves, wait, it needs a giant ad campaign to go along with it.