Tell us about the multiplayer mode.

Kelly Tainton: Yes, Monster Lab includes a multiplayer mode. You can fight any of your friends, or people on your friends list. You battle monsters they have created, vs monsters you have created during your single player experience.

IGN Wii: So the title uses Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play online against your people on your friends’ list.

Kelly Tainton: Yes.

IGN Wii: How does Monster Lab utilize the Wii remote?

Kelly Tainton: The bulk of the experiments and challenges use the Wii remote. We were very conscious of the current crop of Wii games, and how many of them seem to throw the Wii remote functionality as an afterthought. One of our experiments has the user flying down a series of magical tunnels, avoiding obstacles along the way. This is all done with the wii remote acting as the user in the 3D tunnel. Another good example would be our welding experiment. You actually use the Wii remote as a welding gun, and complete a seam.

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