We reported yesterday that Tekkaman Blade is now a confirmed TvC character according to Famitsu.  Now, a Shoryuken forum poster has done some more digging on the TvC website and found some interesting image names that seem to confirm more characters:

On the new character site only a few character images are shown, but Capcom made the mistake to preload all images in a Javascript function in the HTML source. The images are not uploaded yet, but the image names reveal the new characters, one of which was already announced.

‘images/oncharactor_btn_zero.jpg’ — Mega Man Zero (or Zero Gouki)
‘images/oncharactor_btn_frank.jpg’ — Frank West

‘images/oncharactor_btn_yatter02.jpg’ — Yatterman #2
‘images/oncharactor_btn_joe.jpg’ — Joe Asakura
‘images/oncharactor_btn_tekkabla.jpg’ — Tekkaman Blade

So it looks like, in addition to Tekkaman Blade, Zero (from Mega Man Zero), Frank West (Dead Rising), Yatterman 2 (Yatterman series), and Joe Asakura (Gatchaman series) could be joining the lineup.  We’ll know for sure at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.  Stay tuned.