Following a developer’s stream earlier today, more details about upcoming Square Enix title, Final Fantasy Explorers, have been revealed. The game, set to release on the 3DS in Japan on December 18, 2014, is a new spin-off series based on the popular Final Fantasy series.

The major point of the discussion are listed below, and reveal information about how the touch screen will be used, as well as some of the magic, abilities and jobs characters will be able to use:

  • Monks can use Chakra and Aura Canon
  • Game will feature many moves from past Final Fantasy games
  • New moves will also be included
  • There will be a total of about 200 abilities
  • 3DS bottom screen shows a map
  • The bottom screen also has other features, such as monster locations and a “monster lock-on” that shows their hit points
  • Time Mage’s Haste magic can speed characters up
  • Ninjas have different Ninjutsu abilities
  • Ninjas can also help out in the tanking role with some sort of Utsusemi abilities
  • Water-type monsters occur in Tinz Underpass
  • White Mages can help unfreeze with Esuna magic. They can also look at the health of all party members on the bottom screen, and can target them by selecting them there too
  • White Mages’ “Pray” ability recovers the AP (Action Points) of all the allies.
  • When a player gets incapacitated, you can shave three minutes off from the clock to be revived
  • Some of the big enemy attacks are indicated with markers on the floor for certain attacks,
  • They also seem to have some sort of rage mode
  • More “Legend Characters” will be announced at TGS

The game is sounding promising, although there is still no word on a Western release at this stage.

In the meantime, let us know if you intend to play this in its native Japanese language, or whether you’re hoping for a future translation in your region.

Source: Siliconera