Slowly there has been information coming out on Nintendo Powers Interview with Miyamoto at E3. Below are three more selections from the interview. Some very good info in them, make sure to pay attention to the last selection.

NP: We’ve heard from a lot of people who are under the impression that the next console Zelda game is going to be something radically different from what we’ve seen in the past. Is that the case?

Miyamoto: No, I don’t think it’s going to be that radically different. Accessible gameplay. Something that we’re going to look at focusing within that 3-D realm is really highlighting the things that are important within the Zelda franchise–the actions that Link can take. I think it’s easy to maybe overthink it because you’re in that 3-D realm of all the different things you should be doing or try to be doing, and really what’s important to understand is what’s available to you, and just focus down on what’s best suited for that rather than just trying to implement a whole bunch of different things.

NP: And, of course, everyone wants to know exactly who that female character is in the illustration.

Miyamoto: Yeah, that’s probably the most important part of that artwork. I really can’t talk too much about [it]; one thing that’s important to note in that artwork, though, is that Link is carrying a shield, but that’s all he’s carrying.

NP: Now, before you showed the image, you talked about wanting everybody to have unique, personal memories of their adventures in Hyrule. Is that something you’re actually trying to implement in the game–a personalized Zelda experience for every player?

Miyamoto: Every person’s own individual experiences with the game should be unique and [be] their own sort of “My Zelda” experience, and I think that’s super important, and we have to look at that when we’re creating dungeons and how we can make that come true. So spending a lot of time concentrating our efforts in that area. But it’s not going to become individual: “Hi, I’m this Zelda!” or “I’m this Zelda!” or “I’m this Link!” or whatever. The experience will be unique but within this world that we’ve defined.

NP: Which is developing [New Super Mario Bros. Wii]?

Miyamoto: The same team that did Super Mario Advance and DS New Super Mario Bros.–the same team through all those. Mr. [Takashi] Tezuka and M. [Toshihiko] Nakago are part of that group. Mr. Nakago isn’t one of those people that comes out to the front, but Mr. Tezuka is the main one.

: How are the levels in New Super Mario Bros. designed for multiplayer gameplay?

Miyamoto: We really didn’t think about designing the courses or levels for multiplayer. They’re designed for that single-player experience. But it’s just fun to have more people playing together. We really didn’t go out of our way to build anything specifically for multiplayer. I think the thing that we really had to focus on was kind of the opposite–we had a single-player mode, and all we had to do was make sure that within this level that it could be played with more. So we couldn’t create anything that wouldn’t allow us to put more than one character in there, and that was kind of tough. We’ve got that [auto-scrolling moving platform]–if you make that the normal size, of course, you can’t get all four players on it; if you make it too big it’s too easy. So looking at that, that’s one of those things that we had to work on specifically because we have introduced multiplayer.

NP: What can you tell us about New Super Mario Bros. Wii that you haven’t told anybody else yet?

Miyamoto: Well, you did see the penguin suit, but what you didn’t see was how the penguin suit lets you move in water. That’s something we haven’t shown anybody yet. And one thing that I was going to show people at the roundtable but I completely forgot to do was that once you freeze an enemy you can actually pick that enemy up and throw that ice blook. There are a lot of things that you can pick up and throw around, link [in] Super Mario Bros. 2.

NP: And, of course, I have to ask: have you given any thought to putting a new Kid Icarus game on Wii or DS?

Miyamoto: Wait, please. I’m really surprised how popular that is. But you are the first person to ask at this E3!