Geometry Wars: Galaxies was announced last week for the Wii and DS. Now Vivendi Universal has offered up some more details on this cult-favorite. The game offers a full ‘Campaign Mode’ as well as new weapons, enemies, and gameplay modes. Geo Wars Galaxies will also be the first in the series to offer multiplayer:

Galaxies is also the first Geo Wars to feature a multiplayer, which includes a co-op mode, hot-seat battles and a traditional versus mode – which is all extremely exciting. Plus, if you buy both versions of the game you can use a Wi-Fi link between your DS and Wii to unlock new content.

I’ve always heard a lot about Geometry Wars, but being a Nintendo fan, never played it on the 360. Now that it’s coming to Wii, I’ll finally get to see what all the hooplah was about ;)