Here’s some more info about Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles for Wii:

  • The game will be fully polygonal, no pre-rendered backgrounds
  • There will be quick-time events, better known as context sensitive events much like the ones in RE4.
  • Camera will zoom out to show the character performing these actions.

Q: don’t you think to have betrayed the series making a shooter?
A: there is a part of hard core gamers that don’t like it for sure, but a lot of more gamere were tired of the same formula and we are doing something new to please all the people that have found the previous RE quite repetitive.

I could really care less about the game being an on-rails shooter.  It won’t matter because RE4 will give me my Wii RE fix until they release another RE on the Wii.  It’s only a matter of time.

Source: NeoGAF