1. Sonic the Hedgehog – The speedy little hedgehog with an attitude seems to have lost his step since going 3D. But he’d be a logical addition to Smash Bros. line-up (especially with the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games title). Besides, Mario’s longtime rival has been rumored to be in this game since day one, and rightfully so: they’ve been in an ongoing battle since the late 1980s; it’s about time they settled their differences like real video game characters do — with their fists.

  2. Little Mac – From Brooklyn to the fray, Little Mac’s been known to take out Bald Bull with one punch and hold his own against Mr. Dream. With all his experience in the ring practicing the sweet science, Little Mac knows a thing or two about taking down guys bigger than him.(He also knows a thing or two about pink jump suits.)

  3. Ryu – The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Ryu could easily hurricane-kick his way over from the Street Fighter series. With his Shen Long (dragon punch) and inimitable fireball (as long as Ken isn’t in the game), Ryu’s got a fighting chance to take down any of Smash Bros.‘s toughest opponents. If Ryu left that scar running across Sagat’s chest, just think about what he could do to Samus.

  4. Wolverine – Bad boy of the X-Men, and Marvel vs. Capcom favorite, how cool would it be to have Wolverine bring his giant Adamantium claws to the character selection screen in SSBB? Slashing his way through the fields of Smashville, Wolverine would definitely leave a mark on his competition. Hopefully his bright yellow costume wouldn’t get mixed up with fan-favorites Pikachu and Pichu.

  5. Scorpion – One of the founding members of Mortal Kombat, the fire-breathing, skinless skull of Scorpion would be a huge addition to the line-up. With a ranged spear attack and the ability to teleport around the stages, Scorpion could swiftly up the game consequences if he wins. Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear “Get over here!” as a spear goes through Yoshi’s throat?

  6. Wart – Absent since Super Mario Bros. 2, Wart would make a great supplement to the strong but slow cast of characters (Bowser, Gannondorf, Donkey Kong). With a Final Smash attack, where he spews a steady stream of entirely undigested vegetables out of his mouth (gross!), Wart would be a force to be reckoned with.

  7. Pac-Man – It’s time for Pac-Man to take his chompers out of the arcade and onto the battlefield, for him to give up pellet-munching and take up Mario-punching! He’s had arms and legs for about 20 years now, so it’s about time he used them. Pac’s Smash Attack causes the little yellow guy to go chomping crazy, just like when he eats his power pellets. You better watch out, because it super-sizes his appetite for destruction.

  8. Simon Belmont – Forever on his hunt for Dracula, Simon Belmont’s quest can take him to the Smash Bros. battlefield. With an arsenal of attacks that center around his impressive whip, he has a knack for taking care of undead foes… but can he handle cutesy video game characters like Kirby and Pikachu?

  9. Shigeru Miyamoto – It’s about time that the man behind so many characters we love puts his money where his mouth is. Can Shiggy stand up to his own creations Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and so many others? It’d be like one really long episode of Captain N: The Game Master. Miyamoto-san would, of course, have the ultimate Final Smash attack where he sends hordes of newly-created characters after his opponents: the catch is, they’d all just appear as creations of his mind.

  10. Mii – No, not me! You. Well not “you” either, but your Mii. The Smash Bros. games have always been missing some kind of character customization feature, and the Miis really fit the bill for that. How satisfying would it be to be able to beat up Bowser, Gannondorf or Princess Peach (that’ll teach her not to get kidnapped all the time) with “your own two hands?” The answer is … Very.